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Autumn baiting blitz for predator control

Posted on: 28th July 2020

Here are the facts and figures after an autumn baiting blitz:

  • 4317 fox baits laid
  • 1958 baits taken
  • 150,000 ha covered on southern Yorke Peninsula
  • 45 private landholders involved
  • 12 of those laid their own baits
  • 9000 km driven by one of our Landscape Officers, who also got in and out of his car 6516 times and opened and closed 150 gates!

Ongoing, landscape-scale baiting like this is so important for sheep production and the future of our threatened native species, like the Brush-tailed Bettongs who’ll be back on Yorke Peninsula in less than a year, as part of the Marna Banggara project.

Thanks to the landholders involved and the many partners that make this work possible.