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A bold plan to reintroduce locally-extinct wildlife

Returning native species

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Yorke Peninsula is home to a beautiful natural world

Restore iconic bushland

To the Narungga people, Marna Banggara means healthy, prosperous country

Connect to Country

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Working together to ensure the landscape and community thrives

Reinvigorate our Peninsula

A spectacular landscape enjoyed by generations to come

Leave a legacy

As part of a working landscape, the project aims to provide flow-on benefits to farmers

Support agriculture

Marna Banggara

A healthy and prosperous land for all

About the project

Marna Banggara is an ambitious project that aims to restore southern Yorke Peninsula’s spectacular landscape by returning locally-extinct species and reinvigorating the ecological processes that ensure the bushland’s health. It is the first project in Australia to apply these rewilding principles in a working landscape, where conservation, agriculture and the community exist side-by-side. The project is expected to provide flow-on benefits to farm production and in time, become a drawcard for tourists.

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Reintroduction Timelines

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