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Reintroductions explained

Over two decades, the project aims to return key native species to the landscape. These are threatened species that are now locally-extinct on Yorke Peninsula.

Soil engineers

The current candidates for reintroduction include two soil engineers, which help to spread fungal spores and native seeds, creating a better home and environment for plants and other wildlife. Brush-tailed Bettongs are the first soil engineer species to be returned, while the Southern Brown Bandicoot, another excellent digger that creates opportunities for native plants to germinate, will follow.

Native predators

Small to medium-sized native predators are an important piece of the reintroduction puzzle, as they will help to keep the reintroduced species numbers in check and also reduce the abundance of house mice, rabbits and potentially feral cats. Red-tailed Phascogales are expected to target house mice, while Western Quolls are expected to predate on rabbits. The project also hopes to augment numbers of existing Barn Owls to help control house mice abundance.

Seed dispersers

While the exact species have yet to be decided, native rodents are expected to be returned midway through the project. Their role as native seed dispersers is to boost native plant growth. Their unique foraging behaviour plays a key role in spreading and germinating seeds.