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Yorke Peninsula is home to the Narungga people, who call it ‘Guranda’ in their native language.

Their country extends across beautiful landscapes from Port Broughton in the north, east to Port Wakefield and to the tip of southern Yorke Peninsula.

The Narungga people have lived on the Peninsula for 60,000 years and have a strong cultural and spiritual connection to Country. They believe that in order for the land to provide for them, they must care for the land.

Southern Yorke Peninsula is one of the most picturesque parts of Guranda and the Narungga people look forward to the return of native species that once flourished there.

The name explained

The name Marna Banggara originates from Narungga dialect with ‘marna’ meaning ‘healthy or prosperous’ and ‘banggara’ signifying ‘Country’. It was chosen to honour the Yorke Peninsula’s Traditional Custodians, the Narungga people and reflects the project’s aim to achieve improved economic and agricultural outcomes by enhancing biodiversity and the health of the district’s natural systems. A healthy and prosperous land for all.

Great Southern Ark project renamed Marna Banggara

Marna Banggara’s logo incorporates a unique and bold organic shape, which was influenced by traditional indigenous symbology that represents a specific location, camp or meeting place.

The symbol also evokes a sense of identity, sustainability, movement and depicts patterns and shapes found in nature.